I know how to write words that sell your product and how to write for higher search engine rankings too.


Want to use your website to grow your business? I am a India-based India copy writer with more than 30 years experience, so I know how to use words to reach India consumers and I have the marketing skills to motivate them to respond.

But of course, there is no point in writing great online text unless Google and other search engines can find it easily, so all the web content I write is search engine optimised for improved search ranking.

As a trained advertising professional, I am also able to identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ sites and make sure you stand out from the crowd.

If you need an SEO-optimised website with convincing copy that not only makes sense to Google and to other search engines, but also ticks the boxes for your customers, please contact me to discuss your project and get a free cost estimate.


Article Writers India was established in 2009. Initially providing only content writing services, in 2014 we decided our clients needed a more co-ordinated approach to content marketing and expanded our services accordingly.


Our ethos has always been one of providing hassle free quality content services for our clients, and flexible and enjoyable work conditions for our content writers.


A modern business culture

Happy workers make for happy clients. From the very beginning our aim was to create a business model that offered our team members not only the ability to work from home, but to enjoy a flexible daily, weekly and annual work schedule. We simply believe that people come first – and we want everyone who works with us to be able to prioritise family matters without repercussions or even a twinge of guilt.

We don’t operate from commercial offices and with technology that allows us to manage projects collaboratively in the cloud and communicate face-to-face over the Internet, it’s unlikely we’ll ever need to. Content writers are located in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA and TAS, while most other team members are located in the India region.

Email ID - jannytaylor@yandex.com

Website : - www.freelancergroup.n.nu

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